Radioactive Bar - a network of hookah in Ukraine, opened its doors since 2016. Here you can meet a team that knows the sense in the borrowings and communication with the guests.
This is the place where guests come on the advice, and next time they come with friends. Our format is the territory of exceptionally new horizons.
We make bets on quality, originality and atmospheric. Our approach is radically different from what can be seen in every bar, restaurant. The comfort is what gives us an advantage. The temperament of the institution is characterized by its britality, originality and sharpness. Radioactive allows guests to fully abstract from everydayness, feel something new and enjoy interesting atmospheric. We come to spend time at the most comfortable setting, smoke High Quality Hookah and have a trendy, delicious drink. Realized Radioactive projects are the main proof of our proposed, successful format.
+38 (073) 053 72 60
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+38 (097) 552-06-97
Arkadiyskaya alley, 1
Telephone line working hours from 9:00 to 15:00
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