Lviv Croissants
Lviv Croissants
Lviv Croissants is a national bakery chain that breaks stereotypes and creates its own traditions.
We believe that a croissant is a perfect alternative to burgers and sandwiches, since it's not just filling and delicious
but also healthier. We offer our Guests a variety of savory and sweet croissants and an opportunity to create fillings
of their choice from our additions menu. All croissants are baked on site and prepared to order. We make sure that
your croissant is as fresh and delicious as possible.
Lviv Croissants is truly one of a kind. Come get your favorite croissant at your local bakery.
+38 (073) 733 00 20
Working time till 00:00 until 23:59
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+38 (097) 552-06-97
Arkadiyskaya alley, 1
Telephone line working hours from 9:00 to 15:00
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