Kifa is unique quality clothes and lingerie for women and men with
natural and high-tech canvases.
Kifa is a well-known Ukrainian brand founded in 2001.
Brand Basic Concept - Suggest a High-Quality Buyer
Products of the class "Lux" at the price "Medium".
Kifa offers a buyer's collections:
- Swimsuits and beach clothes for women
- swimming, shorts for men
- Clothes made of natural flax for women and men
- T-shirt from American and Egyptian cotton
- Sportswear from natural cloths
- Clothing for fitness and sports
- Natural lingerie for men and women with natural cloths
- Home and Bedroom clothes.
- Accessories for the beach and rest.
Season aw
- Nice lingerie for men and women
- Thermal underwear for children, women, men. Thermal underwear
represented by four capsules for different weather conditions, temperatures and
a person's degree.
"Home and before bedroom clothes
- Terry bathrobes of their natural cotton
- sportswear
And many other interesting destinations in linen and clothes needed
Modern man in everyday life.
In addition, each KIFA season produces new rulers of different assortment
linen and clothing, both functional and everyday.
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