Art Space BaXt
Art Space BaXt
ART SPACE "BAXT" was created by the family in loved in jewelry art. Our mission was the revival of real art, of the art that is inherited in the form of knowledge, decorations, painting, unique stones, and exclusive things of handmade.
In our space you can please yourself and your loved ones
- exclusive handmade jewelry in a single copy;
- paintings by artists from Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus;
- collectible minerals from around the world;
- icons from the only mineral on which the church permits to apply the licks of saints;
- figures from the ceramics of handmade;
- Written organizers from natural stones.
- chess, backgammon;
- Rota handmade.
Here you will find a worthy gift for your loved ones, colleagues, that gift you can accurately surprise.
ART SPACE BAXT is the true revival of the present art.
All our exhibitions of the highest quality, exclusive design, and painstaking handmade.
And the main highlight of our space is the soul and the heart of our founder, he is the author of our jewelry, a qualified specialist who was trained both in Ukraine and beyond.
BAXT jewelry collection is products in a single copy, in which the soul and the knowledge of 8-generations of jewelers is embedded. And our mission to maintain a 250-year-old family history, creating jewelry.
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